I’m writing to you from my “tiny-house” trailer

I’m SO glad you are here!  When I was 55 years old, I was faced with a choice. After going through a painful midlife divorce, I could choose to become bitter or better. I chose better!

God showed me a TRUST TRIP LIFE

Simply put, a TRUST TRIP LIFE is trusting God that . . .

You’re in the RIGHT PLACE

  • at the RIGHT TIME
  • with the RIGHT PERSON
  • and for the RIGHT REASONS

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Welcome to the “Trust Trip Life”

If you are a Christian Woman in your midlife years, NOW is the perfect time to map out a new vision for YOUR GOD-GIVEN DESTINY.

Many AWESOME heroes of our faith stepped into their greatest mission and purpose later in life – WHY NOT YOU?

With Your:

  • Faith
  • Life experience and wisdom
  • Desire to connect with God, Yourself and Others

YOU CAN live the life you have dreamed of.

Watch Me on ProsperTV

In this interview on ProsperTV with Brenda Byers, I talk about living a trust trip life. What it means to me and how I want to welcome others to join me in trusting every minute of every day God is working all things for good.

What They’re Saying

“Ginny knows she is truly and honestly about our Father’s business. She’s in the right place at the right time, speaking to the right people.”

“Ginny is a connector. She has the wonderful gift of bringing diverse people together and opening them into a deep conversation. Growth happens because we expose ourselves to something different than what we already know. Ginny superbly facilitates such an opportunity with grace, style, and fun!”

“God has placed in Ginny a spirit of mentorship, and she is so good at that. Her training greatly enriched me. She will touch go out and touch others.”

“Ginny creates an atmosphere of trust immediately by being authentic, by being a woman of God and of Word and by sharing her true agenda. Her agenda is to assist others in creating something beautiful. . . . nothing more, nothing less”.

Let’s Rise to Do This Journey Together

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Share my Trust Trip Journey with this fun and inspiring weekly newsletter.

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