I’m writing to you from my “tiny-house” trailer

I’m SO glad you are here!  When I was 55 years old, I was faced with a choice. After going through a painful midlife divorce, I could choose to become bitter or better. I chose better!

God showed me a TRUST TRIP LIFE

Simply put, a TRUST TRIP LIFE is trusting God that . . .

You’re in the RIGHT PLACE

  • at the RIGHT TIME
  • with the RIGHT PERSON
  • and for the RIGHT REASONS

Welcome to the “Trust Trip Life”

If you are a Christian Woman in your midlife years, NOW is the perfect time to map out a new vision for YOUR GOD-GIVEN DESTINY.

Many AWESOME heroes of our faith stepped into their greatest mission and purpose later in life – WHY NOT YOU?

With Your:

  • Faith
  • Life experience and wisdom
  • Desire to connect with God, Yourself and Others

YOU CAN live the life you have dreamed of.

What is a Trust Trip Life?

In this interview on ProsperTV with Brenda Byers, I talk about living a trust trip life. What it means to me and how I want to welcome others to join me in trusting every minute of every day God is working all things for good.

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