Bloom Where You Are Planted


One of the posters decorating my room in college said “Bloom where you are planted.”  How would I have ever guessed I would need to “bloom” in so many different ways, especially through divorce?

I had two seasons of divorce – one as a young mother and one as an empty-nester.  Although they were very different experiences, both challenged me to grow and step into new life awareness.  It not only strengthened me as a woman, it connected me with the God of my childhood.  I learned that I could go THROUGH emotional pain, THROUGH the divorce process, I could FIND new friendships and MOVE into new possibilities of A LIFE OF DESTINY AND JOY!

If you are going through divorce or any LIFE TRANSITION it’s important to make peace with the past, to find new possibility in the present and then to seek a “sunflower” vision of a destiny that your heart will love!

Where are you starting?  And most importantly, where will you finish?  How can we make sure that you will “bloom where you are planted?”