My New Book

Priest Lake Girl and the Cabin of Love.

In this powerful personal memoir, Ginny invites you to her guest as she revisits her summer days as a young girl with her family in a cabin in Priest Lake, Idaho.

About Priest Lake Girl and the Cabin of Love

Priest Lake Girl and the Cabin of Love is the author’s personal memoir of a girl and her family who have a tradition of going to Priest Lake, Idaho, for their annual summer vacation. Her parent’s cabin, The Cabin of Love, is the simple setting that brought this family together to enjoy lake life and each other. This is an exuberant collection of youthful Priest Lake memory snippets and photos drawn from over 50 years of the author’s life. Her parents created an inviting summer haven to draw family and friends close together by providing gracious hospitality and fun at their cabin on the lake. This memoir is your invitation to be their guest by experiencing what it was like through the eyes of a girl blessed to be their daughter and a member of this beloved family and their lake traditions.

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Your “heart” story can be a joy and encouragement both for yourself and others.  Whether you put your pen to paper, hit the keyboard, or press the record button on your phone, you can begin the amazing journey of capturing your most meaningful memories.

In 2015 I was facing my last official summer at our beloved family cabin on Priest Lake and the stories started welling up inside me.  I began writing in a journal which led to typing my stories out for my parents, then adding a few photos and then I thought to myself, “what the heck, I’ll write a book for me, for my family and pass down the legacy of love that was given to me.”

Are you ready to start your personal memoir and capturing a part of your life story?

Get a copy of  “Your Story Matters” (hyperlink) . It is FREE .  It walks you through the same steps I took when I wrote my personal memoir, “Priest Lake Girl and the Cabin of Love.” (hyperlink to Amazon).

Now it’s your time.  I encourage you to share your stories in this legacy season of your life and have fun doing it! 

Let's Rise to Do This Journey Together

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