Discover What Lights You Up

Are you ready to release the confusion, overwhelm, doubt, and frustration of trying to figure out your midlife season on your own?

Experience the empowering feeling of being aware of your personal strengths and gifts and the excitement of having a new direction that aligns with your renewed relationship with God, family, and friends.

Ginny’s coaching guides you to reflect on your past in a way that sets up a clear direction for today and the years ahead.  Using powerful tools and resources, she will guide you to define and realign with “what lights you up inside” as a unique and special woman of God.

What will a coaching session look like for you?

  • Schedule a complimentary discovery appointment to determine which of Ginny’s coaching programs is the best fit for you.
  • Appointments will be scheduled ahead of time and take place either over the phone or at a Zoom meeting.
  • Your goals and discussion points are always a priority in determining how best Ginny can serve you that day.
  • Valuable resources and follow up steps will be given to help you make progress in your next appointment
  • Next sessions will be scheduled with your clear action plan taking you closer to our desired outcome working together

A note from Ginny’s heart

I know how important each and every one of God’s daughters is to Him.  He wants you to fulfill your destiny and purpose.  It is an honor to take the journey with you to bring clarity and confidence to the path that He’s set out before you. 

I’ll provide you with lots of encouragement through this period of growth. You will feel so loved & cared for!  I look forward to helping you find your “sweet spot” and experience your destiny midlife season as you’ve never imagined.

Thank you, Jesus!

What They’re Saying

“Ginny knows she is truly and honestly about our Father’s business. She’s in the right place at the right time, speaking to the right people.”


“Ginny is a connector. She has the wonderful gift of bringing diverse people together and opening them into a deep conversation. Growth happens because we expose ourselves to something different than what we already know. Ginny superbly facilitates such an opportunity with grace, style, and fun!”

“God has placed in Ginny a spirit of mentorship, and she is so good at that. Her training greatly enriched me. She will touch go out and touch others.”

“Ginny creates an atmosphere of trust immediately by being authentic, by being a woman of God and of Word and by sharing her true agenda. Her agenda is to assist others in creating something beautiful. . . . nothing more, nothing less”.

Free Download:

Guide to Your Best Life

Welcome to a new season where you are awakening to the possibility that you really do want more in your life. I’m so proud of you for even admitting that to yourself and making your way to explore with me!

This guide will help you examine your life thoughts. Deep down in you there is an untapped and unexplored YOU. It is my delight to see God’s heart open yours to the bold, brave and beautiful YOU.