His Story Weavers


His Story Weavers

His Story Weavers

I didn’t want this to be my story . . . but it is.  Then I realized that it’s not just my story . . . but His.

Dark threads in the tapestry of life are not pretty . . . they creep in

But He knew . . .  He had a plan

The colors are bold, the expressions of life and love . . . glimmering moments

But He knew . . . He had a plan

The joy that once was there, not to mention, the love . . .

Love is the answer . . . He had a plan

So who is He?  Who isn’t He?  He is everywhere and everything . . . He is creator of life, sustainer of the plan

Created from a realm unknown . . . the mystery of the plan unfolds

Women are part of the plan . . . their stories bring a thread of kindness

But kindness is not always what they received . . . He had a plan

Women have captured the heart of God . . . He choose their compassion

Compassion that was born through pain . . .

But He knew . . . He had a plan

Divorce is a dark thread without compassion

He would weave it’s thread among the bold and bright . . . He had a plan

What is that plan you say? 

It’s time to reveal it . . . it is hidden among the folds . . .

He came for you and is with  . . . and you are still in his plan



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