Life’s a Box of Chocolates


What if you thought of your life as a “box of chocolates”?
That means you can get lots of different tastes – some nuggets are
chewy, others have nuts, and then there’s even a soft crème that melts
in your mouth! On the outside they look yummy and their shape gives
a bit of a hint of what to expect . . . but it’s not until you bite into the
candy that you find out if you like it or not.

What if in life, you had the courage to look at a new season
as just another opportunity to try a new candy out of the
chocolate box?

When I turned 60 I decided that I was making it my “best decade
ever”. Circumstances were not going to stop my enthusiasm to
choose a new chocolate out of the box. I remembered a quote from
Eleanor Roosevelt that spurred me on, too. She said,
“Do something every day that scares you.”

I always wanted to live in a “tiny house” and travel, so after a
season of life with my elder father, I decided it was time to
choose a “new chocolate” out of the box. I went for it.

King Solomon, got an opportunity to choose his candy from the
box of life. He asked and God gave him great wisdom. In the
end he came up with a pretty simple conclusion after many years

“Enjoy your life and do good.”

As you go through life, why not GROW through life and
CHOOSE to taste a few more chocolates in the box.

It always starts with deciding to trust God. You can ask God to
help you choose a new path. Do not be afraid. Listen to your
heart sing. And get used to the exhilaration of a new taste treat
from the box of chocolates right in front of you!

Enjoy your “Trust Trip Chocolate Life!”